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XiAn North Railway Station visitors since the record breaking station ticket vending machines to open the XiAn North Railway Station today, the amount of visitors since the record breaking station. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Liu Lu Jiang Yunlong) reporter learned from the XiAn North Railway Station, as of today (September 30th) at 10 in the morning, XiAn North Railway Station tourists has reached more than 80 thousand people, is the largest number since the establishment of the day. In order to cope with the large traffic, the XiAn North Railway Station opened all 86 vending machines, open all artificial ticket vending machines, and improve the mobile ticket of a car. According to statistics, in September 30th Xi’an north to Baoji south of the EMU train ticket basically sold out, in order to meet the demand for passenger travel, XiAn North Railway Station provisional additional Xi’an north to Baoji south of D6857, D6859, D6867 3 bus, along with stops in Xianyang, Qishan station of Yangling station, South station, Baoji South station. D6857 times Xi’an North 20:15 start; D6859 times North Xi’an 21:00 departure; D6867 times North Xi’an 19:56 start. Taking into account the golden week period in the short haul passenger travel is more popular, the XiAn North Railway Station will be in September 30th and October 1st two days at the box office 3, 1 South East subway near the exit of rain gallery to open mobile ticketing cars, open high-speed rail ticket in Baoji, by opening special sale Weinan, Dali and the province’s major high-speed rail station ticket to. (Western Network – Shaanxi News Network)相关的主题文章:

The largest left behind children’s Art Troupe in Sichuan, Xuyong – Sichuan – People’s network-9c8996

The largest Left-behind Children Art Troupe in Sichuan formation of Xuyong – Sichuan Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn in Chengdu in October 23, recently, by the comedian BA (Sichuan comedy actor) Zhang Degao as head of the new Xuyong County of Sichuan province left-behind children primary school art group was formally established. The school more than 1500 left behind children will form the largest left behind children’s Art Troupe, and the use of free time after school training. It is understood that the Sichuan province Xuyong County Xinmiao left-behind children boarding private experimental school a total of more than 1700 students, including from 8 provinces and more than 1500 students left-behind children. The formation of the left behind children’s Art Troupe will improve the comprehensive quality of the left behind children, active the cultural life of the left behind children, and promote the all-round development of the quality education of the left behind children. According to the new primary school director Li Xiuhui, head of the art troupe of left-behind children responsibility, grasp the direction by the head of the Zhang Degao Art Troupe, making art troupe plan, training plan, training guide art troupe. Deputy head is responsible for the daily training work, overall performance and logistics work. Consists of 4 professional teams, respectively is the language group to sketch, comic, drama based, dance group dance and modern dance. The vocal group in chorus, popular songs, folk songs and the sports group to basketball, table tennis. The 4 teams will be in the afternoon after school every day to take advantage of the rest of the training led by the team leader, Zhang Degao to the school once a month to organize training. Zhang Degao said that at the end of the year will first pick 20 with artistic talent and love of the art and art to give students left-behind children to join the league, and strengthen the daily training efforts, the future will expand the art troupe; actively explore and create groups of 1 to 2, the advertisement program brand programs each semester of school education with at least a performance in school. So that left behind children’s art troupe has become a banner of campus culture, and left behind children can "everyone is". (Li Xin) Zhang Degao in 2006: people link with the Sichuan dialect comedy sketch "rake ears" became popular, known as the "rake ears" artist, Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan became the first artist on the show, quickly became popular after "the comedian Ba" title. In 2006, Sichuan Han Cheng Cultural AV grand launch of Zhang Degao’s comic sketches. Zhang Degao’s main works are "blind", "Zhang Sanniang Xiang Gang," the actor "biography", "laughing lie ears and married Mom" Sichuan dialect drama "happy", "mountain rake ears", "bang bang army and have no place", "happy life", rake ears "on the ear a happy new year.".   share: (commissioning editor: Luo Juan, Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

55.7% of respondents found that students around the school more and more home – Sohu Education-1926年属相�

55.7% of respondents found that students around the school after school more and more home – Sohu Education vision for China, before, after school, there are a lot of children playing in the district. But now, less and less people play school. Three grade after the child, almost can not see the figure." Beijing parents Li Sheng said. Li Sheng is not the case. According to a survey by the social survey center of Chinese Youth Daily net joint questionnaires of 2002 people, 55.7% of the respondents felt around the primary school free play less and less, 66.8% of the respondents think that this is a higher grade, resulting in heavy schoolwork. 69% of respondents worry that the lack of communication between peers, the child’s world will become more and more self. Only 7.7% of respondents said that children play after school hours in more than 2 hours of Beijing citizens Zhao Zhongyang is a first grade student’s parents. He admitted that children do not go to play after school, and would rather play at home electronic products, "my children after school to write their homework, and then have an hour of free time, mainly playing computer. Now the children feel a lot less fun when we were young, in the school playground or in front of the house, and buddy jumping and running the game, or DIY toys, but also enhance the light of heart from care partners feelings". Beijing parents of children read the fourth grade rock Xi primary school, usually if you didn’t finish my homework before dinner, after dinner will continue to write, rarely go out to play, "finished work on the 9, after the play or read a book should be ready to rest". Now she is also thinking about how reasonable arrangements to ensure that children can go out to play every day. Shanxi city in Yuncheng province Saline Lake District Education Experimental School Teachers Li Wenjun, now the primary burden is too heavy, there are a number of English language in three major subjects, basically have homework every day. The children usually go to school at 5 in the afternoon, after dinner, at the beginning of the homework to start at the end of the day, it takes at least two hours, a little slower than the child is estimated to be more than 9 points on the 6. Our class is the experimental class, class two tasks, one is to conduct massive reading, reading reached tens of millions of years; the other is a free writing, writing an article every day. It can be said that after school, in addition to eat wash, basically no free time of their own". Li Wenjun said, had tried to give the children to reduce the amount of work, but the results of the examination and other parallel classes there is a gap. School and parents want to score, they can only continue to let the children go ahead. However, now we were taught in the class of art courses are skipping, aerobics, guitar, cube, Hulusi, gouache, let the children can get stretched body". According to the survey, 55.7% of respondents said that around the primary school after school to play less, and 29% of respondents believe that there is no change, more than 10.6% of respondents said. For the children after school playing time, only 7.7% of respondents said there are 2 hours or more, 37.7% of respondents said that in the 1 to 2 hours, 33.1% of the respondents said less than 1 hours, more 16.5% of respondents said no time)相关的主题文章:

Taro Farm Museum theme restaurant, seafood seafood steam to eat steamed food and drink – Sohu-cashmere mafia

Taro Farm Museum theme restaurant, seafood seafood steam to eat steamed taro and Sohu – Farm Museum steam seafood theme restaurant, located near the West Xiamen university student apartment agency near the bus station, the main steam seafood, now very popular fresh ingredients, steam the practice of retaining the greatest degree of food authentic, delicious and health. The roadside has big signs, very good, the restaurant is quite large, a hall is clean and tidy, dining rooms, a good environment. Seasoning is self-help, according to their own tastes. The store has more than 10 years of Yellow Wine daughter red, supple and sweet taste, good entrance, drink a cup of autumn and winter to eat when appropriate, blood nourishing, health, but not for the good to drink drink oh. The first taste of the dish, pickled fish, hand stripping bamboo juice mixed, refreshing, appetite. There are hot dishes, tasting ginger duck and boiled squid, fried meat vinegar, ginger duck cooked flavor, salty and delicious, boiled squid helpings, small squid, spicy and delicious, delicious tasty, very enjoyable, vinegar fried meat FeiShou properly, fried fragrant is very delicious. Steamed seafood, rice, and pork into the pot now and then steamed scallops, rack frame, put the ingredients on the rack steamed juice flows into the pot, and other ingredients are steamed out, on the bottom of the pot into pot boil with delicious porridge, drink a bowl, feel comfortable. Steamed seafood, with the entrance of the eel; a thick meat delicious grouper, even the fish are not to be missed; fleshy tight lobster pliers for half a foot big fat; clean old razor; full of delicious crab meat is tight; plump clam oil; each of the dishes are delicious so, eat very enjoyable, seafood lovers must not miss. Meat can also be steamed chicken, don’t taste the overlord is a piece of Farewell to My Concubine All sufferings have their reward., chicken, steamed and succulent, delicious steamed chicken is so unexpected. Is the middle hollowed cucumber All sufferings have their reward. into minced meat, probably had to be changed into bitter gourd cucumber, fresh and refreshing with meat, meat collocation, perfect combination. Natural vegetable dish is indispensable, because too full to eat, only a steamed mushroom taste flexible, assorted cold dishes, taste fresh, preserved ingredients in nature flavor, degrease.相关的主题文章:

Luxury brand car favored the real reason — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn-若槻ゆうか

The real reason — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: luxury brand car favored luxury brand car favored the real cause of Audi A4L, BMW 3 series, Mercedes Benz C, Volvo S60L, Cadillac ATS-L, Infiniti Q50L. This is the ultra high-end car in the middle of the model. It is a luxury brand models of the world common wedge bridgehead. 22.07%, ultra high-end models accounted for the proportion of sales in the midsize car market. Even in the ordinary vehicle sales standard inspection, the bridgehead is too big. Super high-end models are popular, because they did not enter the market before the customer, in order to become a luxury brand of club members, will pay 400 thousand yuan more than the cost of money. These models will reduce the height of this threshold by 25. Thus, those who can come up with 250 thousand yuan to buy a car more than middle-income people have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury brand feast. Chart 1:2016 years of competition during the first half of the midsize car market of domestic passenger car of 7 categories, 25 grades, 51 interest oriented scientific subdivision, for each benefit oriented market customers crowd structure, customer interests expectations, market competition pattern, the competition focus value models were analyzed and discussed. Among them, the author makes the following discussion on the customer expectation of the super high end medium sized car. Customers of high – end medium – sized cars are expected to be among the middle – and upper income groups who are eager to be seen as a new member of the wealthy. For the infection, the more out of the future career development needs, they want to be powerful and wealthy as fellow. Therefore, there is a heart most deep longing for luxury brands. This longing is for the cause of half from escort needs, the other half demand from the identity and status of the subject show akira. From the point of view of career development, this is the two must meet the rigid demand. Luxury brand entry-level models to meet this crowd. In addition, they choose to support the luxury brand entry-level models have an important benefit: the entry-level model is a luxury brand in the world price prince, in performance configuration and the models of quality of luxury brand car prices in Fukuzawa, top distribution and common brand models. Taking Audi A4L as an example. The displacement of 1.8-2.0 TFSI engine, 7 CVT stepless speed wet dual clutch gearbox, Quattro AWD system, five link independent suspension trapezoidal link independent rear suspension, high configuration of electronic auxiliary system. In the car in the world, the Audi A4L performance configuration for other models can offer. In vehicle quality, interior configuration, driving comfort, and let people enjoy the luxury brand unique kind of dignified and comfortable feeling of perceived quality. At the same time, the price of the model, higher than the Volkswagen brand of high-grade cars only 5-8 yuan, showing a very moving price advantage. Ultra high end midsize car customers mainly from more than middle-income luxury brand fans crowd. When buying models, their core value orientation is: the pursuit of luxury brands of social respect, emphasizing the unique luxury brands相关的主题文章: