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Ningbo a guy with wonderful magic AR successful promotion CCTV through spring festival with Dong Liang team the latest development of the technology of AR magic belt on the CCTV arena. Live performances last night in CCTV – 3 prime time "I want on the show" program, Ningbo guy Dong Liang with one hand AR magic "reach the acme of perfection Haiyangzhixin" won the Qing Dong and other judges alike, successful promotion "through its", only one step away from the gala stage. It is understood that he became the first person in our city promotion "through its". A small European theater, a mechanical helmet, this is Dong Liang to "I want to show" on stage props. Dong Liang told reporters that he developed the helmet design, will own the world magic show in front of the audience, with the combination of AR technology and magic cards, giving new life to the cards represent the characters vivid vividly on the card, truly achieve the naked eye 3D effect. The reporter understands, Dong Liang took the stage of CCTV "story of magic", provides a new perspective for the audience the magician, all the details of lucidity, is the test of the skills and abilities of the magician. Dong Liang graduated from the Ningbo University, while studying in Canada, is a double bachelor degree in marketing and logistics of the University of Manitoba mentor, however, seem and major is not related to magic, but eventually became the boy’s favorite". During his studies in Canada, Dong Liang and many local magician in-depth exchanges, became the first Chinese performer, into the Winnipeg art museum show Canada Magic Museum invited guest performers, was also in the Canadian Royal Opera House for visiting the queen of England show. In 2008, he won the Winnipeg Magic Festival Gold Award, and do a personal magic show in Canada, attracted nearly a thousand spectators. After returning to China, in some older encouragement, Dong Liang became an occupation magician, at the beginning of 2011, he entered the CCTV "spring magic fashion show", won the gold medal win, fashion magician title. Love of magic career, Dong Liang will make it as his career, he founded his own entertainment company in the city of a college business park. In 2012, by virtue of their start on the road in the effort, Dong Liang became one of the 2012 city ten "entrepreneurial rookie". In recent years, through continuous research and improvement of magic, Dong Liang once again stood in the CCTV arena, to show their strength.

宁波一小伙凭借精彩AR魔术成功晋级央视直通春晚 董亮带着团队最新研发的技术将AR魔术带上了央视舞台。 演出现场   昨天晚上,在CCTV―3黄金时段的《我要上春晚》节目中,宁波小伙董亮凭借一手出神入化的AR魔术《海洋之心》赢得了董卿等多位现场评委的一致好评,成功晋级《直通春晚》,离央视春晚大舞台仅有一步之遥。据了解,他成为我市晋级《直通春晚》的第一人。   一个欧式的小剧院表演台,一个机械头盔,这便是董亮带到《我要上春晚》舞台上的道具。董亮告诉记者,他自主研发设计的这个头盔,能将自己的魔术世界展现在观众面前,凭借着AR技术和魔术的结合,赋予纸牌新的生命,将纸牌所代表的人物活灵活现地浮现在纸牌上,真正实现裸眼3D效果。记者了解到,董亮带上央视舞台的“故事性魔术”,为观众提供了全新的魔术师视角,所有细节纤毫毕现,非常考验魔术师本身的技巧和能力。   毕业于宁波大学的董亮,在加拿大留学期间,攻读的是曼托尼托巴大学的市场营销和物流双学士学位,然而,看似和所学专业并不相关的魔术,最终却成了这个小伙子的“最爱”。在加拿大进修学业期间,董亮和当地不少魔术师展开了深入交流,成为第一位进入温尼泊艺术博物馆演出的华人表演者、加拿大魔术博物馆特邀演出嘉宾,还曾在加拿大皇家歌剧院为来访的英国女王演出。2008年,他获得温尼泊魔术节金奖,并在加拿大办了一个个人魔术专场,吸引了近千名观众。   学成回国后,在一些前辈的鼓励下,董亮成为一名职业魔术师,2011年初,他走进CCTV“新春时尚魔法秀”,一举夺冠,获得时尚金牌魔术师称号。对魔术事业的热爱,让董亮将其当成了自己的事业,他在我市一家大学生创业园成立属于自己的演艺公司。2012年,凭借着自己在创业路上的努力,董亮成为2012年度我市十大“大学生创业新秀”之一。   几年来,经过对魔术的不断钻研和提升,董亮终于再一次站到了央视的舞台上,展现了自己的实力。相关的主题文章:

Zhang Jie Yuri Huang interpretation of eye contact Sheenah jealous Dance – Anhui channel, peo

Zhang Jie Yuri Huang interpretation of eye contact   Sheenah jealous dance trouble – Anhui Channel – original title: Zhang Jie Yuri Huang interpretation of eye contact Sheenah jealous dance song "my trouble ah 3" on every Thursday 22:30 on-line joy. This program is the guest waiting for three season to Zhang Jie Madden debut. During the program, Zhang Jie exposes the university because of song by the girl crazy pursuit, Sheenah asked: what happened? My brother and the scene and Yuri Huang in the eyes of love, the interpretation of how to communicate, make Nana jealous, "slogan" Yuri Huang: "why don’t you go to the airport?" It seems that this episode of Nana has been a lot of "threat" oh! Show Zhang Jie admit once in college because the song is the teachers and students are familiar with, bedroom phone was ringing off the hook, even in the presence of Sheenah after listen to very shocked, asked: "boys playing directly or girls? What does a girl call?" Zhang Jie directly exposed call girls are asked "do you have a girlfriend"? After Nana surprised, some issues still seems about to speak, but saying nothing, very want to know. Fortunately, there are Yang Di help continue to ask: "Jie Jie, how do you answer it?" However, when the answer is brother Jie hesitated for a long time, then, make Nana very nervous, always do not speak staring at my brother. After a while, Jie finally said: "you do not know the problem!" Witty reply praised by the audience, and finally let Nana breathed a sigh of relief. The song "my 3" ah, Nana to the scene atmosphere unexpectedly to spare — let brother Jie and Yuri Huang song singing scene interpretation is how to make eye contact with girls. Originally planned for the two eyes 5 seconds Nana see brother Jie and Yuri Huang standing together but immediately back, jealous audibles: "Yuri Huang, cherish the last time you stood on the stage of the opportunity," scared Yuri Huang couldn’t see my brother. Followed by the program group released "the kind of pure pure love," means to Jie elder brother and Yuri Huang to make eye contact, but then again Nana against: "don’t this music, put" war "." Not only that, Nana still in the side of crazy hot dance, disturbing atmosphere, and finally do not forget Tucao sentence: "this is a song of love sound crazy." When Nana saw Jie brother hand in hand, Yuri Huang, is angry, "ruthless spray" Yuri Huang: "why don’t you go to the airport?" It seems Nana in order to "defend" their position in the eyes of Zhang Jie, it is hard to do the best! But Nana, are you sure you want to do this to Yuri Huang? At first you let yourself and Yuri Huang look at each other! (commissioning editor Ma Lingling and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章:

Yang Yang said with the Xiao Nai is often female onlookers [figure – Culture – shdoclc.dll

Yang Yang said: "with the Xiao Nai" is often female onlookers [figure – Culture – original title: Yang Yang plays Yang Yang bluntly Xiao Nai be endowed with both beauty and talent. Recently, the TV drama "smiled very little" in Jiangsu TV broadcast after the audience ratings boom, among them, played by Yang Yang Shaw is the God class character, be endowed with both beauty and talent, the original fans are very satisfied, some believe that he "by Yan value up to a movie". In addition, because of the same name in the film by Jing Bairan played by Shaw, there are two versions of the audience to do comparison. In this regard, yesterday afternoon interview, Yang Yang said, a novel can be made into two versions, the biggest beneficiaries of the original powder and the audience, after all, you can see a version". For their own interpretation, Yang Yang very confident, more and more sweet behind the TV series, even I have been sweet to". Looking at the school is also very popular TV drama "smiled very little", Xiao Nai is eye-catching campus God image, learning, sports and games are all fine, it attracts a large number of female onlookers, Yang Yangxiao said, although praising themselves a little feel shy, but I was in school "welcome to take a lot of girls, so that onlookers, I kind of like the feeling of going back to school". As for the various skills of the play, Yang Yang said: "I just have some basketball and swimming, in addition, we are particularly fond of playing games. I am now playing hand travel, really fun. Well, when I was a kid, I was really good at playing games. This, I quite like Xiao Nai also, playing games is not defeat, since the play, you must do the top like this." The Xiao Nai let dormitory friends "Speechless" where is he always solve the problem, with the strength of rolling opponents, Yang Yang said his own life was not so strong, but still in the field "". Because now the movie "smile" is also very little in film, Yang Yang and Jing Bairan playing the Xiao Nai was not free to compare this audience, Yang Yang is very calm, "filmed in two versions, are the biggest beneficiaries of the audience and the original powder, you can see different versions. As an actor, I try to restore the original, the role itself show. I think this show will be more and more beautiful, and everyone will be sweet after death, even I will be sweet to. I’m pretty confident". Doting girlfriend to learn to "Xiao Nai" Ribbe slightly and Xiao Nai from the original novel "love at first sight" to "life" of the campus love story touched countless boys and girls. With the launch of "smiled very little" TV Version, Xiao Nai "dazzle wife mode" also let everyone curious, Yang Yang in real life in love with Xiao Nai is the same? Yang Yang said: "my girlfriend, I will be very spoiled her, my woman, I won’t let anyone bully her. Emotionally, I should like to Xiao Naiting." In the play, he said to him, "the first time I get along with a girl, at least I can do what others can do." Similar lines in addition to the television audience, even Yang Yang himself said: "in the words of love that still have to learn God with Xiao nai." (reporter Moss its grid) (commissioning editor: Chen)相关的主题文章:

Wei Fan debut in Tokyo acting first addition subtraction masa-c

Wei Fan: acting debut in Tokyo to do addition subtraction do Wei Fan Shi Yihong (left), Mei Feng Wei Fan, Sina entertainment news on November 2nd, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival main competition finalists to show the film "no problem", in addition to the director Mei Feng, Wei Fan, Shi Yihong starring [micro-blog] [micro-blog] for the first time after mapping the meeting. "No problem" adapted from Lao She’s less mentioned the novel of the same name, tells the story of Chinese during the Anti Japanese War, Chongqing behind the tree farm in China declined under the management of Wuyuan director Ding to the story, the film shows the depth of Chinese smart type. Director Mei Feng said, in order to show China aesthetics in 40s, he looked at the Chinese film in the history of the classic works of those movies, especially the use of "xiaochengzhichun" to "no problem" sense of stage scheduling, long shot impact, the scene, the Japanese audience that Wei Fan as is Wuyuan Ding conspirators, Wei Fan does not agree: "if it is because of the farm money said he was the conspirators, is not very reasonable, because it is not his own power, is the ability of these people." In Wei Fan’s view, there are no bad guys in the film, but in that kind of ecology, it becomes bad. As such a complex role, Fan Weixian is doing addition, access to relevant information, communicate with the director, it is acting, he tried to restrain myself, hope to give the audience the blank. The film Mrs. Tong Shi Yihong has thirty years of experience in Peking Opera, repeatedly went on performance, almost each time will stay in Japan for more than a month. Ten years old began to learn to play her in the movie, that she is not far away from the wind: "ten years old opera students, teachers are already seventy years old, and in 20s and 30s the character of them, plus the director is tailor-made for me, so that the atmosphere is not difficult." (A Hui photo) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章:

Hainan province to promote the development of the housing rental market – Real Estate – People’s net

Hainan many initiatives to promote housing rental market development — real estate — Chinese securities network to effectively increase the supply of the market, meet the residents and diversified demand for rental housing, the Hainan provincial government recently issued a policy document, to encourage real estate development enterprises to carry out housing rental business, tax incentives for rental housing development, many initiatives the rental market. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on September 2nd, the reporter learned from the general office of the Hainan provincial government, Hainan accelerate the development and implementation of the housing rental market approach has recently issued. The policy to cultivate the market from the main supply of county government requirements to actively guide the real estate development enterprises and mode of transformation from the traditional development of sales to rental, built using commercial housing or new housing rental business; encourage rental real estate development enterprises inventory housing; to guide the real estate development enterprises in cooperation with the housing rental business. The development of real estate leasing. At the same time, Hainan province will also encourage all investors registered Housing leasing companies, leasing companies, housing intermediary, property service enterprises and other diversified market participants, to provide professional and standardized rental service. Housing rental enterprises can enjoy the support policies of living services in accordance with the relevant provisions. In the improvement of public rental housing, Hainan will promote the monetization of public rental housing, the transformation of public rental protection, physical security and rental subsidies simultaneously, improve the ability of public rental operation and support. In addition, Hainan province also provides that the registration of housing rental enterprises, institutions and individuals, according to relevant regulations to enjoy preferential tax policies. The implementation of the policy of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) rental housing, rental housing for individuals, by according to the tax rate of 5% reduced to 1.5% to calculate VAT; the personal rental housing income does not exceed 30 thousand yuan, be exempt from VAT policy according to the provisions before the end of 2017. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: