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4 year old boy finger was stuck in bed fire rushed to the rescue (Figure) – Steel Beijing with fire tools in the boy on the finger amputated card. (fire for map) Sichuan news network Suining news September 23rd September 22nd at about 18:40, the Jinyang market in the British county residents home in a thrilling scene, a 4 year old children play, accidentally a small finger inserted into the bed, the fingers are swollen after the card can not be removed. After the fire, remove the child from the fingers of steel sleeve. According to the boy’s family said that night after dinner the whole family are watching TV, did not pay attention to the child’s hand was suddenly stuck in bed, and the finger swelling began bleeding. Family immediately call 119 phone alarm, a few minutes later, the fire brigade rushed to the scene. See the 4 year old boy was held in the arms of his family, his left index finger in the hole in the corner of the bed, can not be removed, and there have been swelling, bleeding and other phenomena. The boy cry piercing, sweating, flushed complexion. The family worried, but helpless. The fire first saw without teeth will iron bed angle steel sawing, and then slowly grinding wheel grinding sections of steel bars. When the fire will be under the bed angle saw, the boy has been crying and shouting: "pain, pain, pain in the hand." In the field of medical staff suggested that the children will be sent to the hospital after a simple medical treatment, fire and then continue to rescue. After the doctor after simple treatment, the fire to rescue. At that time, the boy crying very badly, the impact of fire rescue. Changing fire rescue tools, to prevent further harm to the boy’s finger, finally separated from the iron pipe and the clamp finger bed, will your fingers out boy.相关的主题文章: