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Foreign media: Russian officials responsible for the Russo Japanese cooperation, such as a bolt from the blue removed data figure: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in December, Russian President Putin’s visit to Japan in front of the Russo Japanese economic cooperation prior to the Andouble administration to promote the economic development in Russia is responsible for affairs minister Alexei & middot; Ulyukaev, because of alleged huge bribery and restrict the freedom of criminal prosecution. Japan’s Kyodo news that this time to the South Kuril Islands (Japan said: the four northern islands) negotiations opened to create an environment in the territory of Japan like thunderbolt. Stakeholders have been confused and embarrassed. Kyodo news agency said that Russia due to the crisis in Ukraine by the European and American economic sanctions, economic conditions deteriorate. Perhaps in order to sweep away the national discontent, the Putin administration proposed to eliminate corruption. There is also the view that this has to suppress the economic policy of the European and American economic development minister because of the liberal political motives. For Japan, this change occurred shortly after the official start of economic cooperation negotiations. A Japanese staff working in Russia said "even with such a person has to negotiate seriously, image greatly reduced". "Not long ago. He was president Putin named as the object responsible for consultation, so I was very shocked." Japan’s trade with the world farming Hiroshige 15 at the press conference to conceal the embarrassed look. Reported that the matter also ripples in the economic sector. Jced on behalf of the director general Kobayashi Kiko said at a press conference: "sorry this happened in the 1 months before the summit, and expressed concern that" I think the basic policy will not change on economic cooperation, but also inevitably affected the procedures etc.". What happened in Russia?" The Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs cadres becomes confused. This is due to this change may be to promote the economic cooperation with Russia to promote stagnation of the territorial negotiations of the Japanese strategy was disrupted. In the opinion of the Japanese media about Putin’s visit to Japan, Japan is the most important progress in the territorial issue. However, although the head have agreed to accelerate negotiations, but Russia was undaunted, negotiate the peace treaty as expected progress. A government official said that even if the progress is very smooth economic cooperation stalled, the possibility of further progress in the December summit talks on territorial negotiations will be further reduced. "Will make the wrong change with Russia to confirm the overall impact of the Russo Japanese relations." Japanese government stakeholders 15, stressed that Russia will not remind the cause of the territorial negotiations stalled. The Japanese government seems to be worried about the accident.相关的主题文章: