The history of the most complete two comic books is not disease, collection!-1926年属相�

The history of the most complete two comic books is not disease, collection! After the modern medicine clarification, two disease is not serious, and even a "no two waste young". In addition to a little out of the collective, the two can still fall in love, looking for a variety of spring. When it is difficult to control, some people would like to see the comic to ease. There are homes on the Internet to tell their own troubles, they have two disease, can recommend some cartoons to him? In the face of such help, of course, they have to lend a helping hand! 1: 20161101 (fire) I love the cartoon is "death exit ·" Tokyo world "and" Mars "dissimilar" chowhound. 9: 20161101 (fire) reply to the 1 floor, I would like to ask what type can be regarded as the middle of the two? Wrapped in bandages, even the chain of two? 11: 20161101 (fire) back to the 9 floor, I love like "death exit · community" "Tokyo" chowhound this kind of avant-garde and unrestrained works, I also love the protagonist becomes strong fighting king comics. 2: 20161101 (fire) summer Muqing people "to become the world’s strongest". 5: 20161101 (fire) back to the 2 floor, adorable dolphins to NG. 3:5: 20161101 (fire) Minekura Kazuno’s travels. 8: 20161101 (fire) reply to the 3 floor, I know this comic ah, but I do not know why do not want to see. Can not feel the two disease, this is my right eye problem? 18: 20161101 (fire) back to the 8 floor, although not bad in two, but the characters and storyline is full of in the heart, very funny. Battle screen is also very interesting. 4: 20161101 (fire) Hasegawa Yuichi’s sword of fire. 7: 20161101 (fire) French cartoon "LASTMAN". 21: 20161101 (fire) back to the 7 floor, cruel, perverted male female mantis eagle flies and metamorphosis of female, this cartoon looks very heavy…… 12: 20161101 (fire), Hirano Kota, the Knights of the Royal mission. 25: 20161101 (fire) back to the 12 floor, the friend also recommended this works for me, is the battle between vampires and vampire hunter, similar to the "Tokyo chowhound" seems to be very interesting. 14: 20161101 (fire) Inoue Junya’s "magic game" and "small forest of genius mahjong girl". 22: 20161101 (fire) back to the 14 floor, I saw "shocking" game animation, very interesting. As for "genius mahjong girl"…… I don’t know mahjong. 15: 20161101 (fire) Minagawa Ryoji’s "ARMS" and "SPRIGUN". 28: 20161101 (fire) back to the 15 floor, the story seems very interesting, but the style is not my dish. 20: 20161101 (fire) in Yuen Long Yuen "death notice". 30: 20161101 (fire) reply 2.相关的主题文章: