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Sichuan aquatic wild animal protection experts recommend ten month propaganda on Beijing – Sichuan online news (reporter Li Miao) 10 Yue 13, "caring for aquatic animal, build a harmonious home" theme of the 2016 Sichuan province aquatic wild animal protection propaganda month ceremony held at the school of Fisheries in Sichuan province. This is the fifth consecutive year in Sichuan to carry out this activity. During the event, Sichuan will organize experts, scholars, volunteers into the school, into the community, into the enterprise, extensive publicity and education activities. Sichuan is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, also has a part of the the Yellow River Lake Basin, province many rivers, fish is rich in resources, including more than 80 kinds of fishes endemic to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the main economic fish more than 100 kinds of national key protected wild aquatic animal 10, provincial key protection of aquatic wild animal 45, making Sichuan become the country’s rare aquatic wild animal and one of the most abundant fishery resources in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River area, is also an important fish germplasm resources gene pool. Sichuan Fisheries Bureau responsible person, due to the recent development of hydropower, water pollution, overfishing and other factors, Sichuan water ecological environment is deteriorating, wild aquatic animal resources have been seriously damaged, many endangered species. To this end, Sichuan from 1998 onwards has established above the level of the aquatic nature reserve 8, reserve 37 aquatic germplasm resources, and the establishment of 3 aquatic wetland protection demonstration area, aquatic wild animal protection work achieved initial results. In the aquatic wild animal protection in recent years, ordinary people with heart and the release activities are more and more frequent, especially to fish aquatic animal has become a major release object, but the lack of understanding of animal and ecological science, often appear misplaced, misplacing phenomenon, and charity draw further apart. In this regard, Chengdu Haichang polar ocean world animal research director Zhang Changhao suggested that love to do a release, first asked the three to do, should be to professionals, such as country fishery departments, research units, aquatic wild animal rescue center, large public aquarium etc. can inquire whether in the local release of a disease or the residual animal should be sent to the above treatment after release, and put his full understanding of animal life, food demand and population status; released when the best professional in the field, organized on students; after the release, should be one or two times the return visit, to see if there is no animal survival and capture again. Sichuan Province Bureau of Fisheries fishery bureau director Yuan Ye said, "do not put ten: do not advocate blind release, do not release artificial cultivation, improved hybrid animal, no release of alien species and are harmful to the local animal species, not released sick injury and disability animal, not in artificial breeding ponds, reservoirs, diversion canal and city park waters released, no pollution waters released in water, not because of their own remote release long-distance transportation of animal, not the pursuit of the number and types of released animal, not excessive attention to the release ceremony and let the animal waiting for death, not to make an appointment to buy businesses free animal. For example, Yuan Ye, such as the sale of the market a variety of whitening, color variation of ornamental fish, fish, etc..相关的主题文章: