Career Change Make Your First Move Before You Hire A

Careers-Employment When career changers call coaches for advice, they often begin the conversation with a declaration. They say, "I’m finally ready to start my career change. What can you do for me?" They often expect the coach to hand over a five-point program, all ready to go. Instead, many coaches begin by asking a question. A favorite question career changers can expect is, "What have you done so far?" Many career changers are taken aback. They say things like, "So far I have done nothing. I plan to hire a coach and follow his or her suggestions. Meanwhile, I am waiting for someone to tell me what to do." In some ways, this philosophy makes sense. You don’t want to make a major mistake that will be hard to correct later. But when trying something new, I usually re.mend that you take the first step on your own. Whether you’re starting a business, turning to a new career, or moving to a new location, try just one small action step before you consult with anyone. Why take action on your own, when you’re not sure you know what to do? There are at least two reasons for this re.mendation. First, taking that one step helps clarify your feelings about your goal. You may gain momentum and keep going on your own. You may realise you really don’t want this goal. You may get energized and find yourself moving ahead faster than you anticipated. Second, when you do hire a coach, you will have a better idea of what you need. If you’re racing into action, you need guidance on working smarter, not harder. You may need information and resources. But if you find yourself taking a step, getting excited, and then sputtering out like a candle in the wind, you need an accountability coach. You need someone to be there for support because most of us do better when we don’t feel alone. You don’t have to turn your life upside down. Start small. Visit your local bookstore or library. What books seem to speak to you? Which books seem foreign to your style of thinking, acting and living? Or let’s say you realize a business makes more sense for you than a job. You have no idea how to start a business — or what you will offer? Attend a couple of .working events. Ask everyone, "What kind of service do you wish you could hire — and what would you be willing to pay?" If you are absolutely, positively stuck, attend a class or hire a consultant for a single hour. Get some ideas to plot your long-term strategy. Put words on your blank slate. About the Author: And now I invite you to learn more about how career change *really* takes place. Download the 21-Day Career Makeover Guide: Mid-Life Career Change Guide You can also subscribe to the Great Careers Ezine, an ezine dedicated exclusively to career change for mid-life, mid-career professionals. Career Change Ezine . From Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., Author, Speaker and Career Consultant. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: