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Recipes Cook a paella and enjoy the .pany of family, friends and acquaintances during an open-air gathering. This is the spirit of the Paella Festivals in Valencia, Spain. For obvious reasons, this is best done al fresco, during spring, summer or early fall, so you can enjoy a great outdoors activity. This is the usual practice along the Spanish Mediterranean coast, where culture and tradition .pel even the most inexperienced man to venture to cook for others. In Spanish culture, as in many other cultures, women generally take responsibility for cooking the family meals at home every day, while men are eager to take responsibility for the home cooking on special family occasions and for party gatherings. During every Spanish town or city summer festival celebrations, one will often find Paella Festivals, where the whole town celebrates delicious paella. These are huge events, often attended by thousands of people, during which the residents simultaneously cook their individual paellas in a public area. For these occasions, the local town council organizes all the logistical elements, such as: -Organizing a designated public area for the Paella Festival, usually one main street or a wide public area that is closed to motor vehicle traffic for the duration of the festival. -Provision of the paella ingredients and the wood to burn for cooking the paella, upon application and payment of a small fee to take part. -Setting the time for everyone to simultaneously start cooking their paella. -Taste contests to determine the winning paella Each participant has to bring his own cookware or utensils . The Paella Festival lasts three to four heavenly hours, and everyone is wel.e to this free public event. If you are not taking part, let the hours fly by as you wander around enjoying the atmosphere, the aromas and attempting to cajole the friendly teams into sharing some delicious paella (which is easily done!). If you fancy your chances, then why not take part with a group of friends? There is no better way to discover and immerse yourself in the local culture. Do not be shy of asking the locals for details or help, you will find them very friendly and obliging, and more than willing to help you join in the celebration. At the end of the Paella Festival, the prizes are awarded, and the teams of family and friends retreat to their homes to polish off their (hopefully!) delectable paella. If you ever happen to visit Spain during summer, particularly the Mediterranean coastal areas close to Valencia, ensure you check out the festival program of towns celebrating their summer festivals for the Paella Festival. You will assuredly experience and hopefully enjoy something truly authentic and unique, offering you the opportunity to discover the magical culture of the Valencian Mediterranean coast. Hope you will enjoy it! Eduard. About the Author: By: Mohammed Huxham – I began on the end with the most things sticking out of the roof, just to get it carried out with quicker. Whilst one might pay attention to the professiona … By: Vikramjeet – India is a country with rich social legacy and it is an image of unity in assorted qualities. Since times immemorial, India has been known on the planet for … By: WebDot. LocalSeo – However, Bicol express is said to originate from Pampanga, the homeland of many Pinoy cooking experts. In Pinoy cuisine, lutong bahay is the term used to co … By: Alex Smith – When you set out to enjoy the weekends at the amazing pubs or sports bars in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy some of the most sizzling range of cocktai … By: andymoore212 – Summer calls for freshness and a burst of flavors. When its hot outside, we like food that is light and can be digested easily. We even like our sugar he … By: Alex Smith – After enjoying tequila shot at one of the chill out bars in Singapore, taking a bite of the papaya salad with chili will help you enjoy the moment better. T … By: Brayden Duigan – This article speaks volumes on the ins and outs related to the different health benefits of consuming hamburger rolls and buns made from pita dough By: Alex Smith – Singapore is a country that is the perfect place to host business meetings as well as casual get-togethers. This is mainly because of the wide variety of fo … By: Susan Crasto – Waffles is a not an Indian concept, but the demand and love for waffle is growing in India. More and more people are open to trying such international food. … By: John Smith – Hamburgers are tasty, easy to made and not so expensive, but it is a piece of art when it .es to make the ideal hamburger. There are lots of detailing inv … 相关的主题文章: