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Arts-and-Entertainment Sometimes, your Windows XP suffers with a rare kind of problem. It shows “Disk Drive is Not Formatted Error” message, whenever any Data Storage USB drive gets plugged in it. Other USB devices like Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Camera, Mobile phone, etc all work fine in it but, whenever a USB Flash drive gets plugged in it and you try to access its database, the error message, “Disk is not formatted pen drive” or “Disk not formatted error” gets popped up. The same error can also occur in differ ways like: “The Disk in Drive is Not Formatted Error ” “The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” “The disk in drive G is not formatted. Format it now” What to do resolve this error message? When you face this error message on your .puter screen then, formatting the flash drive is not a solution because you can face the same error message again. If the files and folders of your USB Flash drive are crucial to you then, for sure you cannot choose to format them. What to do to fix Disk Data formatted error without formatting USB Flash drive? You can use a third party tool to fix, “Disk Drive is not Formatted Error” message without formatting USB Flash drive. With the help of third party tool, you can easily repair USB Flash drive databases. The tool works in all critical issues of corruption or damage and you can also repair formatted or deleted database of Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, etc with it. When Disk Data not formatted error occurs? – Disk Drive is not formatted error occurs in situation when a disk drive is too old and has got corrupted due to time. It is understood that no hardware device stays for too long. It occurs when the hard disk has some bad sectors. The error message occurs when the USB Flash Drive gets formatted by FAT file system, which cannot be recognized by Windows. This error message also occurs due to problems in BIOS. ‘BIOS’ is the first code which a .puter runs to boot the system. Which is good third party tool for USB Flash drive recovery? – Hard Disk Data Recovery Software is one better third party tool for fixing “Disk Drive is not formatted, format it now”. Not only this but, other errors of corruption or damage in USB Flash drives can also be fixed by this tool. This tool maintains accurate information of Flash Drive database while carrying out database recovery process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: