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Reference-and-Education Fashion a word that has been amidst many different and various innovations and revolutions that brought about radical changes and at times upheaval in the society. This has been a revolution that has moved mountains in the society and changed the face of the recent diva and the modern macho man. It has broken all the barriers and made changed the outlook of the society towards dressing and dared to be different. There are many institutions that started promoting this trend by creating a streamlined training for this area. INIFD has been a pioneer in this education and benchmark in creating successful designers. Pune has always been known as the Oxford City. It has always been the destination for various students from all over the world for acquiring education. It has always be an abode for eminent educationalists and esteemed universities, established by great and highly successful people. Fashion designing in Pune had always been in existence, in the form of engineering and architecture. But there was no formal education given for it. That was considered a job of the tailors and seamstresses. In the recent decades, people who had an aesthetic sense, started suggesting patterns for their outfits and when they were loved by the ones who owned it, a new profession that of a fashion designer was born. This was the profession that had people with a creative bent of their mind. This was the profession that gave people a chance to exhibit their creativity with garments and textiles. Soon mens fashion also started gaining popularity. Be it traditional dresses that included the dhoti, sherwani and jhabbas or the contemporary and modern styles that included hipster trousers, shirts and long t-shirts. For women, the possibilities were endless. They had a wide range of clothing to choose from saris, salwar-kameez, skirts, and jeans. They were also exploring the option of indo-western dresses by .bining long kurtas with jeans. Different cuts and styles in these dresses started gaining importance, according to the contemporary trends and preferences. Fashion Designing started getting respect as a profession rather than being a job done by a specific caste – darzi. Soon people started developing an interest in this profession and learnt the knack of putting their ideas on paper via sketches. This brought about a need angle to this profession the need of being a good artist or a sketcher. It was important to be a good artist to present your ideas on paper and the right methods to display the drapes of a garment on the human body. It made a lot of difference on how people perceived any garment that would be created in future. INIFD Pune has played a big role in creating designers. When designing education was a new concept in the society, INIFD was leading the untraveled path of creating designers. It realized the need of the changing face of education and created different courses to fulfill these needs of the rapidly progressing society. It made its mark in the society. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: