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Business Wondering whether Fleet Vehicle Tracking is good for your growing business? With your business going global, to keep a track on your assets & services you need to invest in a Satellite Tracking Device . A Fleet Vehicle Tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with purpose-designed computer software to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location, collecting data in the process. Modern vehicle tracking software commonly uses GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. Urban public transit authorities are an increasingly common user of Fleet Vehicle Tracking systems, particularly in large cities. The position and driving history of all trucks can be monitored on either a map or satellite view and fleet managers receive an overview of all notification alerts. Vehicle tracking software generates information reports on usage figures for defined timeframes, number of alert messages sent and driving history. These reports can be scheduled to run several times daily according to monitoring requirements and are sent by email to an unlimited distribution list. Ad-hoc real-time reports can also be accessed at anytime. With just touch of button, information relating to distances travelled, travelling times, and direction and speed of individual trucks is available at your finger tips. We present to you a Fleet Tracking Software Kit that enables you to install a full satellite tracking system in mere seconds. Our GlobalTrack Rapid Deployment Kit comprises: . Sat-340 or Duo-900 satellite tracking unit with magnet mount . Message Terminal with integrated panic button . Powerful cable harness with cigarette lighter plug . Optional: Strong crush and waterproof casing With GlobalTrack Rapid Deployment Kit you are always connected and have the ability to determine your fleet’s position at any time via GPS satellite tracking . This satellite communication ensures coverage anywhere in the world at any time. State-of-the-art servers support this application to ensure continuous, reliable and fast service around the clock. About the Author: Pieter Smits is the CEO and founder of GlobalTrack. GlobalTrack is the leader in two way satellite tracking solutions. With over 10 years of experience you will be assured of the knowledge required to give you the best solution for your requirements. For more information visit: .globaltrack.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: