How To Cancel Or Edit Sent E-mail In

Workplace-.munication As you know very well, sending emails is quite easy but what will be if e-mails sent to any wrong e-mail address or what will be if e-mails sent with missing contents or any wrong contents. It is a general habit gets in many email users, while they send e-mails, they never check and confirm the receivers mail address or they never review content. Nevertheless, after sending mail they worry about how to retrieve a sent email. Because, they realize they have sent the e-mail to the wrong address or sent mail with any missing content or wrong content. I have also suffered from this bad habit and sometimes I have sent e-mail containing wrong content, missed content or sometime, sent to any wrong recipient. However, think carefully, what will be if you send any sensitive information to any wrong persons mail address? It could drag and drop you in a great trouble. Therefore, that time you need to cancel or retrieve a sent email immediately. This time you face a question how to cancel or edit sent e-mail in G-mail? However, do not worry because today in this article I am going to mention you how you can retrieve a sent email even after it has sent from G-mail. Next time, whenever you will write and send an e-mail, you will have an option to cancel or edit it with the help of this easy method. Here I am going to re.mend you few settings that you need to apply on your G-mail account in the order to retrieve a sent email and then after applying these settings you can undo or edit mail even after you have sent it. How to Undo or Gain Back Sent E-mail in Gmail: 1.At very first, Login to your Gmail Account and then click on Gear icon on top- right corner and choose Settings option. 2.Now you are in Settings page, here scroll down and get Undo Send option. 3.Mark on Enable Undo Send to activate this service on your g-mail account in the order to retrieve a sent email. 4.Now, go on Send cancelation period and set a time limit between 5-30 seconds to keep enable Undo Send option. 5.After that, scroll the page down and click on the button Save Changes. 6.After saving all the settings, your account will refresh automatically. 7.Now, you have done it and you are able to retrieve a sent email within 5-30 seconds as you have set. Therefore, if any mail sent to the wrong person or with missing content, you can cancel that email within 30 seconds. 8.Whenever, you will send a mail with any mistake after sending your email, on the top bar you can get the Undo option for maximum 30 seconds. 9.When you click on the Undo option then the sent e-mail will revert. You can see the unsent email in the Draft box. 10.You can modify it to resend, change the receivers address or delete, it totally depends on your requirement. So, this was all about how to cancel or edit sent e-mail in g-mail and here in this post I have discussed about an easy way to retrieve a sent email. If you have any query regards to this guide, feel free and ask your question via .ment. I shall .e back very soon on your query with answer. In additional, if you like this post, does not to Share-it in all your circles to help them to retrieve a sent email. Read this: How to Download Your Gmail Emails on an External Drive 相关的主题文章: