How To Grow And Care For A Jade Plant-zngay

UnCategorized The jade plant is easy to grow and care for. They are native to Argentina, and fall into the category of plant know as succulents. They Will grow best in hot, dry climate. In their natural environment they bloom only when mature. After eight years of growth, a jade plant is considered mature and will begin to flower. However, when grown indoors, getting them to bloom is difficult. Many people do not buy this plant for the flowers it produces. Its attractive, greenish-blue leaves are what gardeners are attracted to most. In fact, it is the color where it got its name. Under the right growing conditions the Jade Plant can get up ten feet in height. But do not expect that size from one grown indoors.As a houseplant, most stay at a manageable size. The correct soil to use for a Jade plant is a sandy loam or cactus medium. Be sure that any pot used has enough drainage holes. In addition, be careful not to over water, doing so will likely cause root rot and the plants health to suffer. The best advice here is to water only when the soil is no longer damp. Cactus soil is well drained; so adding a plate below to catch excess water from getting on your furniture or tabletops is a good step to take. You do not want to allow this plant to get too parched, either. Soil that is very dry will damage the plant. Signs of excessively dry soil include leaves falling off and a scraggly look. If this happens and you catch it early enough, your plant is not likely to die. Prune the plant back, give it some water and it will likely return to good health. To prevent either of these problems, place the plant in a sink or shower periodically, allowing the water to wash over it like natural rainfall. The soil will get a good soaking and the leaves cleaned of dust, but it will not sit in a puddle of water where diseases can rapidly develop. Also, consider watering in the early hours of the evening. This will allow the plant dry out before sunrise, and unlikely suffer burns from water droplets magnified by afternoon sunlight. Purchase your jade plant from a grower you can trust. A nursery in your hometown is a better choose than a home improvement store. Not only does a plant nursery have extensive experience with all types of plants, but also they may be willing to order a plant if not in stock. As an added benefit you can get answer your question and solutions to your problem accurately, as needed. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: