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Iran: airlines signed 40 ATR aircraft orders – Sohu news 1, Iran airlines and ATR aircraft company signed 40 new ATR72-600 aircraft orders, of which 20 confirmed orders, 20 intention orders, the total value of about 1 billion euros. It is reported that in 2016, Iran airlines will receive 2-4 aircraft. The agreement marks the arrival of the latest ATR aircraft in Iran. The ATR aircraft was put into operation in Iran in 1992. At the Davos Economic Forum, as president of the Iran European debut opens "buy buy buy" mode. Rouhani, the chief of staff of Nahavandian, said that Iran will enter a strong development track in the next five years with a 8% annual growth rate and become the most promising emerging market in the next few decades". The European tour, Rouhani and his more than 120 leaders of the delegation of the first choice of Italy, bilateral cooperation around the oil and gas equipment and infrastructure. As the West has just lifted sanctions on Iran, the latter is using the confidence and ambition to announce to the world the return of the traditional Middle East power. The release of sanctions means that Iran will embrace the European market again, which means that the unfreezing of overseas assets of $150 billion and the opening of the door to $50 billion foreign capital will eventually mean a complete recovery of Iran’s economy. But the key to pulling the economy of the world’s fourth largest crude oil producer is still crude oil. In Iran, the first priority is to invest in oil and gas facilities to improve the economic lifeline. Tehran’s plan is to improve its oil and gas production facilities as soon as possible to restore its market in the world’s crude oil, possibly by the end of this year to increase production to 1 million 500 thousand barrels per day. The World Bank estimates that Iran’s average daily output of 1 million barrels of crude oil after the end of sanctions in the West may further push oil prices down by around $10. The Middle East is expected to grow by 5% in 2016. Beijing business daily Roundup

伊朗:航空公司签下40架ATR飞机订单-搜狐新闻  1日,伊朗航空与ATR飞机公司签订了40架新型ATR72-600飞机订单,其中20架确认订单、20架意向订单,总价值约10亿欧元。据悉,2016年伊朗航空将会接收2-4架飞机。   该协议标志着伊朗迎来最新型的ATR飞机。首架ATR飞机于1992年在伊朗投入运营。   在达沃斯经济论坛上,作为伊朗总统欧洲首秀便开启“买买买”模式。鲁哈尼的幕僚长纳哈万迪安表示,伊朗会在未来五年以8%的年增速步入强劲发展轨道,成为“未来几十年里最有前途的新兴市场”。此次欧洲行,鲁哈尼和他带领的120多人的政商代表团第一站选择了意大利,双边合作围绕油气设备和基础设施展开。   在西方刚刚对伊朗解除制裁之际,后者正在用这样充满信心和抱负的表态向世界宣布这个传统中东大国存在感的回归。制裁的解除意味着伊朗重新拥抱欧洲市场,意味着1500亿美元规模海外资产的解冻和向500亿美元外资敞开大门,最终将意味着伊朗经济的彻底复苏。但是,拉动这个全球第四大原油生产国经济的关键还是原油。在伊朗看来,当前面临的第一要务是投入资金改善关乎经济命脉的油气设施。德黑兰的计划是,通过改善油气生产设施尽快恢复自己在世界原油的市场,可能到今年底将产量提高到日均150万桶。   世界银行估计,伊朗在西方结束制裁之后日均产量为100万桶原油,可能会进一步将原油价格拉低10美元左右。这个中东大国在2016年的经济增速预计为5%。   北京商报综合报道相关的主题文章: