Pace Wu spent four hundred million to buy a one-time payment of loans is not luxury-ca1477

Pace Wu spent four hundred million to buy a one-time payment of loans, not luxury, known as the "nine body" beauty of Pace Wu recently domineering ho throw 400 million to buy a two storey Seaview mansion is located in Hongkong, the cost of a one-time payment of no bank loans, the housing has been delivered. It is understood that the Hongkong housing loan interest rates to 2%, in a good policy environment today, regardless of Hongkong or domestic tycoons tend to purchase the bank for a loan, Pace Wu not only loans, also to foreigners on behalf of buyers, need to add a 23.5% tax. Hongkong housing market downturn, Pace Wu choose reverse purchase luxury house, it seems to have faded out of the screen, Pace Wu has long been transformed into the entertainment circle invisible rich. Pace Wu was born in 1978 at the age of 20 album "All My Pace" official debut, at the age of 22 in a corner Taiwan version of "meteor garden" in the "2 Xiaoqiao". 2008 starred in Wu Zhenyu’s film "shadow", and as the female lead in the film, then gradually appeared in the "Du Lala promotion", "break the contract", "night" surprise film. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter Pace Wu "little Ruirui," she announced new "will completely withdraw from the entertainment circle, concentrate at home mothers. There is a pair of lovely children Pace Wu has apparently been immersed in the happiness of a family union. The younger son "Hans" hundred days feast, the whole family together to celebrate the son, the site layout of a family of four children, full of warmth.

吴佩慈花费四亿买豪宅 一次性付清没贷款日前,被称为“九头身”美女的吴佩慈近日霸气豪掷4亿购买位于香港的两层全海景豪宅,费用一次性付清并无银行贷款,目前房屋已交付使用。据了解,香港购房贷款利率低到2%,在政策环境大好的今天,无论香港或是国内富豪购房都倾向银行申请贷款,而吴佩慈不但不贷款,还以外国人名义购房,需再加23.5%的税金。香港房市不景气时期,吴佩慈选择逆向购买豪宅,看来已经淡出幕前吴佩慈早已蜕变为娱乐圈隐形富豪了。出生于1978年的吴佩慈20岁以个人专辑《All My Pace》正式出道,22岁出演台版《流星花园2》中“筱乔”一角。2008年出演吴镇宇执导的电影《追影》,并在影片中担任女主角,随后陆续出演《杜拉拉升职记》、《分手合约》、《一夜惊喜》等电影。吴佩慈生下女儿“小蕊蕊”不久后,初为人母的她就宣布“将全面退出演艺圈”,专心在家相夫教子。有一双可爱儿女的吴佩慈显然已经沉浸在天伦之乐里。小儿子“汉斯”百日宴时,全家人一同为儿子庆贺,现场布置充满童趣,一家四口温馨满满。相关的主题文章: