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Software Trucking and Freight brokerage business is a non technical business involving several technical and non technical terminologies. For a clear understanding of this business, a newcomer has to be aware with the popular terms being used in trucking and freight brokerage business. Some popular terms being used in trucking and freight brokerage business are given below: Freight Materials that has to be delivered to a desired place is known as freight. Simply you can say Goods carried by a large vehicle is called freight. However, the charge for transporting something by common carrier is also termed as freight. Freight Broker They are responsible for managing trucks for transportation of freight from one place to another. They keep contacts with several trucking companies. A person involved in this business is known as freight broker and the agency doing this work is called freight brokerage agency. They play a very important role in trucking industry, as they are the channel between customers (with freight) and trucking companies. Trucking Company An agency that owns several trucks for transportation of freight is called a trucking company. They get their loads from freight brokerage agencies and deliver them to the desired places on time. They are the transporting channel of goods, the main entity involved in transportation of freight. Load Boards Load Boards were a common online platform that allows freight brokers to post their available freight to carriers that are looking for available loads. The freight brokers can also search these sites for carriers that have posted their trucks and are looking for a load. Ultimately, supply and demand will dictate whether the freight broker needs to call a carrier or whether the carrier will call the freight broker for the available freight. It was one of the most important gifts of internet technology to the trucking industry. Trucking or Freight Broker Software A software application that helps trucking company owners and freight brokers in effective management of their trucking and freight brokerage business. This software consists of different modules for proper handling of all aspects involved in trucking industry. Modern days trucking and freight broker software is a web based application that can be installed on a web server and can be accessed from anywhere thus allowing full freedom of operation of trucking business. About the Author: ITSDispatch.com- Established provider and Industry leader in providing path breaking web based, inexpensive, and easy Trucking Software or Freight Broker Software. For more information about their products, please visit: .www.its-dispatch.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Software 相关的主题文章: