Quanzhou, a man drunk qiuhuan failed kicking dead woman picking up roadside 519697

Quanzhou, a man drunk qiuhuan failed kicking dead lady Fujian news network September 28th roadside picking up a 61 year old woman from Sichuan lying on the road, the roadside, Shishi is full of blood, the police involved, that is a homicide. After investigation, the suspect Xiemou Cui, drunk nothing, kicking dead woman, continue to commit crimes, continuous or unprovoked assault chased 3 passers-by. Yesterday, Shishi court verdicts, the defendant Xiemou Cui guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to 9 years in prison. The morning alarm continuously in October 5th last year, 5 in the morning 5 points, Mr. Li said in the call 110, Shishi Feng Li Da Lun Street construction road under the tree, without being chased beaten, then ran to escape Road near unity. 3 minutes later, Mr. Wu received the alarm, said in Shishi, Phoenix Street, the road next to the junction of large public toilets, there was an old man was injured, suspected no vital signs. The police officer Huang told reporters that he arrived at the scene, and found a man Xiemou Cui talking with a barber shop female boss Ms. Ke quarrel, scene table, cabinet destruction, police immediately stop and control the man. Subsequently, the police found a lady in the road of unity, has died. At the same time, there are a number of people in the morning, there is a man with a stick to chase other people without reason, the inquiry that the clothing, signs and Xiemou Cui anastomosis. Want to have sex 29 year old Xie Cui, from Jiangsu, the first reading, migrant, in Shishi has been 10 next year, and his wife, Ms. Yang was a man and a woman. Usually like to play games, but also like to drink, and drink four or five times a month. In the eyes of his wife and brother, Xiemou Choi temperament, but after drinking wine, temper irritable. In March last year, Xie Moucui in the United States, a barber shop barber Road, the owner of the boss to recognize the boss, two people add each other WeChat, and become friends. In late October 4th 8, thanks to a Yueke Ms. Cui together, after a 87 KTV Shishi road opened a box, the next day at 3 a.m., KTV closing, two people drink from. Ms. Ke, see Xie Cui drunk full, advised him to go home, but was refused, she managed to get rid of the Xiemou Cui, returned to his house. Around 4:40 on the same day, drunk Xiemou Cui alone walking in big Lun street. Since then, then the murder occurred and the incident. Xie Moucui in the police investigation had confessed that he wanted to have sex with ms.. With limited ability to undertake qualitative criminal judge, Xie Cui without kicking play usually to JianPoLan living Zhang Apo, causing his death. In the next half an hour, Xiemou Cui has beaten 3 passers-by, including a slight injury of the two. Identified by the Xiamen Yuexian Hospital forensic identification, the defendant Xie Moucui in the event of a complex state of intoxication, with limited criminal responsibility. In June 2nd this year, the families of the accused and the families of the deceased reached a mediation agreement, compensation 150 thousand yuan, and to obtain an understanding. The judge said that Xie Moucui’s behavior caused one death, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury. Meanwhile, another two people were slightly injured, should be punished severely. But according to the judicial authentication opinions, and in repentance.相关的主题文章: