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The United States Secretary of defense in his sleeve "secret weapon" is what the United States has 7 possible "secret weapon" defense minister Carter 29 in the aircraft carrier when speaking to his "secret weapon", we have some unexpected, "his explanation says," this is a leap of investment". Carter is like a magician on stage, when wearing Kuanpao big sleeve clothes, everyone knows that he will turn things from the sleeves came just now, who is to say he will pull a rabbit out of a card, or. The United States "theater" the title of the website said: "defense minister Carter hinted at his sleeve hidden secret weapon", following with a picture of Carter "cross eye" map layout language is very clear: less tripe…… Even the Americans themselves do not believe it is now talking about a secret weapon, a lot of ordinary users first thought is certainly Nazi Germany, with a knock on the engine flying saucer are designed…… At the end of World War II in order to study the similar "UFO" and a series of "secret weapon" to save their own doom Nazi scientists, but because of the lack of technical defects and resources do not have the possibility of completion, finally can only exist in the drawings, but also by the movie "iron sky" out of black humor a yet from now on, decryption of the data, the United States and the Soviet Union, britain…… Engineers and scientists in every country are not small. Even the most backward technology seems to have studied the possibility of using the electromagnetic wave to "burn" American bombers, and even in wartime, they planned to use the anti-ship missile to defeat the United states. The main reason for the Nazi Germany’s "secret weapon" is that their information is turned upside down by the United States and the Soviet union. During the second world war has really changed war "secret weapon", is also said to us. Now, the United States had the most successful secret weapons in World War II, three. Of course the most important is the atomic bomb, Manhattan project; followed by antiaircraft gun radio fuze, which greatly improves the efficiency of antiaircraft gun battle, if the Germans have this technology, I am afraid of the strategic bombing of Germany will be because of losses and unsustainable; third is the anti submarine torpedo, until after the second world war years, people I know in the United States during World War II into the acoustic homing torpedo, and achieved a brilliant victories. The electromagnetic separation facility of the Oak Ridge Y12, 235 of the uranium production factory, the Manhattan project is a collection of the world’s elite scientists, set the American mega projects in the modern world, such as the atomic bomb super project can’t be no wind at all — in fact, the United States and the Soviet Union during World War II, Germany Britain and Japan are developing nuclear weapons development project, but progress is different between each other, but others are convinced that ongoing research in this area. So, Carter said, should not be this kind of geophysical weapons very difficult, once you have a super weapon can really change the world. There should be some similar fuze and homing torpedo. The United States said today that the secret’s going to talk about 51. Here is the United States to conduct the latest test of the secret fighter base – by the way, there are alien research base of the legend. God!相关的主题文章: