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Home-and-Family Deciding on the tomato type you will grow depends not only on the climate you live in but also on the way you will use the fruits. There are varieties designed specifically for certain climate conditions that can thrive in a very wet weather while others can survive real droughts. Let’s get a bit deeper into different factors that need to be considered while choosing tomato plants. So, depending on where it is that you live, you will have to choose the varieties to put in the garden. In order to start on the right foot visit your local nursery or garden center first. These folks are experts at what they do and they will have a good handle on what thrives in your area, and what will not do so well. Still yet, there are other things to consider as well. Primarily these considerations will include things such as tomato size, acidity and use. For some people beefsteak tomatoes are the "chosen" ones and they will not grow anything else. With its huge size it is not an unusual thing that a slice of beefsteak tomato can cover an entire sandwich. There are other people, who choose the early girl variety, when tend to produce the luscious fruit early in the season. Plum tomatoes are said to be fantastic when making sauces and tomato paste, salsas and other such mixtures. Many people don’t realize it, but there is yet another characteristic to consider. This is to choose whether you want determinate or indeterminate plants. Let me explain what this means. The first one grows up to 3 feet high and has a bush-like shape. An indeterminate plant does not stop at certain hight and can reach 15 feet or more. Each individual has his or her own preference, based on the climate that they live in, and what will actually thrive in their area. So deciding what types of tomatoes to grow depends on several factors as we now know. Armed with the information we now have, it’s time to take a trip to the local garden center, where we will learn which varieties work best in the region we live in. While we’re there, we want to make sure that we lay in all the supplies that we will need to grow our garden and keep our tomato plants happy. Food supplements, stakes, cages or garden tools are among the most important items that will help in keeping the plants in a good shape. Growing tomatoes is among one of the most favorite things I do in the summer, and the winter months are spent in anticipation of the .ing growing season, as tomatoes are my favorite fruit! Good luck in your growing! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: