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ITV Ventures is changing the home business industry LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Gone are the days where you have to cold call, advertise and beg for business because ITV Ventures has changed the business opportunity industry forever. What is it? Its the collaboration of three separate Billion Dollar Industries combined into one! ITV Ventures takes Television Infomercials + The Internet + Network Marketing and combines them all under one roof for something that is not only very unique, but very BIG! Its called Direct Response Network Marketing and its never been done before, until now! With the ITVs new Patent-Pending Home Agent Program average people are finally succeeding in home-based businesses making real profits from the comfort of their own home. The Home Agent Program is a virtual call center that allows business owners to take live, in-bound calls on their home phones from customers who have watched a television infomercial, been educated on the product, sold themselves and called in to purchase the product or request more information. With the Home Agent Program, you simply log into a website, answer the phone, take the order and make the commissions. It really is that simple of a process and theres no shipping or invoicing since ITV does all that for you. No more chasing down your friends, family and neighbors to buy your products and join your business. ITV calls that the NFL (no friends and family left) club and it just doesnt work. With the Home Agent Program, it doesnt have to be that way anymore. If you can say will that be Visa or MasterCard? and follow a little training, you can do this. The only thing you need is a phone and computer and you are in business! And, you dont have to be an expert marketer to succeed with ITV Ventures because they spend $50,000,000.00 per year in high-quality, Television Infomercials to help assure your success! As our Founder and President Donald Barrett says, we simply connect the people that want to buy our products with the people that want to sell our products through the power of Television Infomercials. These products generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue because TV Infomercials actually work. And thats what ITV Ventures does. They sell their products and business opportunities on TV Infomercials because it works. Yes, there are other business opportunities and money making programs advertised on TV but most of the owners of these companies make the majority of their money off of selling you the training kits and programs not from their members production or sales. This is a dirty little secret that the gurus in the Infomercial Industry dont want the masses to know. Its a little different with ITV Ventures and Donald Barrett because there is very little profit, in any, for them on the sign-up fees. Your are his partner in business and he only makes money, when his members make money. And ITV Ventures seems to draw a pretty good celebrity crowd these days. Kathie Lee Gifford has teamed up with ITV for Child Help Charity and former NBA basketball player AC Green has joined ITV Ventures for this amazing business opportunity. In addition to that, Dr. Oz from Oprah is coming to ITV Ventures soon too! Most companies that start out with a home-based business start out in debt with no history and very little to no infrastructure. Joining these companies can be a dangerous and risky investment since you dont have any past results to base your decision. Thats not the case with ITV Ventures. ITV Direct, the parent company, has been around for over 6 yrs., is debt-free, has infrastructure and assets and is a brick n mortar business with Internet and Television Infomercials to make it unique. No other company has anything like the Home Agent Program and its patent-pending so no one can, for a very long time. And, there are many great companies with great products out there to choose from when going into business for yourself but one of the main problems is that they leave the marketing, advertising and recruiting all up to you. You have to be an expert recruiter, internet marketer or salesperson to make any money. ITV just launched last January so we are still in the beginning of the beginning and far from saturation. However, this Business Opportunity is LIMITED and not all people qualify to become ITV Ventures IBOs. Donald does not know when he will cut if off but he can at any time so those who act now, lock in their positions forever and benefit from early positioning and the spill factor. There are over 16 income streams with ITV Ventures including taking live product calls, taking live business opportunity calls and the retirement plan to name just a few. Also, with the Lazy Mans Way To Riches soon to be available you will be able to purchase your customers already on auto-ship and downline team members! I call this an instant asset because these people are already existing customers paying a monthly invoice and receiving product. For a fee, you can acquire this asset and this residual income. Talk about one heck of an investment absolutely unheard of, until now! When you get a customer with ITV Ventures, they are electronically tied to you for life. No matter what they buy and when they buy it, whether they place the order through you or not, you get the commissions. Think of it as an asset or investment and part of your retirement plan. One of the Residual Income components of the business kicks in when your customer goes on auto-ship for the product they called in about or other products you up sold them on. Every month ITV send the customer the products you sold them, you do no shipping or invoicing. Every month YOU get a commission check, month after month for as long as they stay a customer. We all know that people are creatures of habit, dont we? Just like people that shop at Wal-Mart tend to continue shopping at Wal-Mart, people that buy things off TV, continue buying off TV and the spend BILLIONS!!! Its not uncommon to get a customer who calls in and orders other products you educate them about increasing your commissions by 100%, 200% or more for that very same phone call. Plus, this business is willable to your loved ones. After you enjoy all of rewards ITV gave you, you can pass on this incredible investment and assets to whoever is in your will. Talk about financial security, right? And when you join ITV, youre in business for yourself but not by yourself. Since we train you with our Home Agent Program and Monthly Action Plan (MAP) shipped to your home with everything youll ever need, you dont need any experience at all. When you sign up there is a Getting Started Fast program and Business in a Briefcase to help get you started. Plus, you get a fully functional website with a back office so you can see your commissions, customer orders, invoice records, etc. and there is nightly training calls for training ranging from role playing, product education, Home Agent Program. Another thing that makes this program work so well is that every Independent Business Owner (IBO) has a commitment to buy or sell a specified volume of product every month and with the Home Agent Program, this is very easily done and not an issue. You see, one problem with many home-based businesses out there is the fact that many people join, buy product once, then never buy or sell anything ever again. This is dead weight like a bad employee and a perfect formula for failure. Who wants that, right? Some people will brag about how big their downline teams are but how scary would it be to have 100 members in your downline but they all have sales of $0.00? Thats not the case with ITV because members have a monthly commitment to meet or they cannot continue in the program but thats easy to meet with a couple of customers on auto-ship. Its a real solution to a real problem with 95% of all other businesses out there. And, it works! What do Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Donald Trump and Warren Buffett all have in common? They all endorse or are involved in this industry called network marketing! And they all teach the concept of low-risk, high-return on investments with residual income, and the critical concept of TIMING. Being in the right place at the right time. So why is ITV Ventures a low-risk, high-return on investment you might ask? Its low-risk because it cost very little to get started ($165 – Basic or $499 – Premier) and there is a 30-day money back guarantee. Donald Barrett is so sure you will be happy with the decision you made to change your financial future, that yes, he even offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Its high-return because its possible to break even and become profitable very quickly. Some people have become profitable in as little as 2 weeks and some people take 2 months or even longer. Its all up to you of course and how serious of an ITV IBO you will be. Dont be one of those people that says should have, would have, could have this time. Chances are you have or will be seeing an ITV Infomercial for the Business Opportunity or Products on TV soon. When that time comes, you will be thinking darn, I could be making money right now because of that Infomercial!. And based on what Ive seen so far with ITV Ventures, mark my words – that day will come. Weve all been in situations where we had the chance to take advantage of an incredible opportunity or investment and decided it wasnt right for us or something else was more important, just to regret it later. Just like if you had the chance 20 yrs. ago to invest in Microsoft or the stock market before it exploded, would you have if you had the chance? Did you have the chance? What if that same opportunity came along now? Would you learn from your previous mistakes or other peoples stories or will you bury your head and pretend you didnt hear about this or find something else more important to do with your time and money? If you are looking for Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Leverage of Investment, Low-Risk Investment, Lifestyle Change, Tax Write-Offs, then a Home-Based Business could be just for you, and if it is, ITV Ventures is THE ANSWER! There are many different kinds of people from all walks of life and from all over the United States and Canada joining ITV Ventures. Doctors, Laborers, House-Wives, Moms, Dads, Nurses, Fast Food Workers, Retailers, Students, Lawyers and Engineers all have joined ITV Ventures and made it work for them. Whether you are from a small town of 50 or a large city like New York with millions of people, you will find ITV growing at a very rapid rate! Are you ready to find something that will work for you too? If you qualify, you can be a part of something really big that may change your life forever while its still around. There are three great ways to learn more about this incredibly unique business opportunity 1. Conference Call / Webinar. You can call in and/or log-in every Tuesday at 9 PM, EST and Sunday at 8 PM, EST. Dial In #: 641-594-7500 Caller PIN: 1077453# Reserve your Webinar seat now at: 2. Watch some of the Infomercials for ITV Products and this Business Opportunity under the Shows tab at 3. If you would like to receive more information by email or see what kind of free offers ITV has on its products, visit 相关的主题文章: